30 The Most Fascinating Facts About KPop Stars

Here's some cool facts about your beloved KPop artists I gathered from many websites. Some of them are a result of a personal research I conducted last year.
2PM's Jun.K legally changed his name in 2012 from Kim Junsu to Kim Minjun du to some personal family matters.
Nickhun from 2PM has a very wealthy family in Thailand so he got a nickname 'Thai Prince'.
Chorong from A-pink used to train Hapkido for eight years. She has a black belt of 3rd degree.
Sungjae from BtoB - like many other Korean wannabe artists - was eliminated in the final round of JYP Entertainment's audition for the young talents.
Xiuan Yi from WJSN (Cosmic Girls) participated in a Chinese version of Produce 101 where she finished on the second place and joined as a member of Rocket Girls. She will be promoting for 2 years.
B2ST members changed the name of their band to Highlight when they moved from Cube Entertainment company to their new agency Around Us Entertainment in 2016.
After she joined MBK Entertanment Chaeyeon from DIA was a trainee only for 5 months before she debuted.
Monsta X Jooheon was a member of other KPop group called Nuboyz of Starship Entertainment before he joined his current group.
Due to hyperthyroidism Solji from EXID was on a hiatus for two years between 2016 and 2018.
Umji from GFriend speaks fluently English which she taught herself watching Disney movies.
Yein initially auditioned to become an actress but eventually become a member of a girl group Melody Day.
In 2017 through TV show Idol Drama Operation Team Sujeong from Lovelyz became a member of a newly created project girl group Girls Next Doors along with 6 other members.
J-Hope from Bangtan Boys featured as a rapper in 2AM Jokwon's song Animal.
Lay from EXO is an ambassador of many well known brands like Milka, Valentino, Converse, Huawei Nova and Perrier.
Key from SHINee is a designer behind many of the group's outfits and costumes used during concerts and music videos shooting.
Super Junior's Yesung was brought to a hospital after he run 70 km in a marathon during a charity event.
Kangin from Super Junior was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol twice - in 2009 and 2016.
Kang Daniel received 1,578,837 votes during the second season of Produce 101 and ended first in the competition. He later become a member of Wanna One.
Wanna One's Jihoon trained at SM Entertainment, Fantagio and Maroo Entertainment before he took part in Produce 101 and joined Wanna One.
Hoony from Winner was living next to YG Entertainment building and eventually become an artist under this company.
Hyejong was spotted during a modeling contest by a representative of FNC Entertainment and become a member of a girl group AOA.
Jennie from Blackpink is a friend with many other girl group artist like Chahee (Melody Day), Irene (Red Velvet), Lime (Hello Venus), Nayeon (Twice).
Elkie from CLC was born in Hong Kong. For some time she was a member of a created there girl group Honey Bees.
Sojin from Girl's Day worked once as a voice trainer for another KPop group - boy band Ulala Session.
Gir's Day's Yura is known for insuring her legs for a stunning 500 million won (almost 500,000 dolars).
Gugudan's Soyee was chosen as a member of A-pink but she eventually couldn't debut under A Cube and became a member of Gugudan under Jellyfish Entertainment.
Both of the ears of Haseul from LOONA has different size and shape.
Chuu deleted her Instagram account right after she was confirmed as a LOONA member.
Binnie from Oh My Girl was a child actress that starred in many Korean dramas like Beethoven Virus, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I Love You, Don't Cry.
Rina from Weki Meki likes watching anime movies. Her favorite movies are those from studio Ghibli - Spirited Away and The Secret World of Arrietty.